Why am I not always in the same batch at different events?
Your batch allocation is based on your National Race Index (Ri). Your Ri compromises of your 3 lowest Ri scores (your 3 best race results), which automatically updates after an event.

The following factors have an influence on your batching:

1.1 Event Size
Batches are created for each event specifically. The more participants for a distance, the more batches there will be for each batch – usually between 100 – 150 riders. As the riders with the lowest Ri will start in A, it is possible to move down in batches during big events.

1.2 First technical section
The more technical a race is, the smaller the batches will be made in order to prevent bottle necks in the 10km after the start. Often batches are made smaller than 50 riders to prevent bottlenecks.

1.3 Participant Ability
You are seeded against other riders for that specific event, thus if there are very strong riders or an average of ‘slower” riders who entered, this will also influence your batching.

1.4 Distance
The formula used to calculate your Ri is based on various elements, including the weighting of distances. The longer distances (Ultra – & Marathon) has a higher weighting than Fun Races and Half Marathons. Thus participants who usually participated in shorter distances, and now enters for a longer distance – will on average have a higher Ri than those who has ridden longer distances before. This also applies vice versa.

1.5 Amount of Races
The number of SA Seeding uploaded events participated in, will also influence the batch allocation. In the case were there are no data (results) linked to the participants ID number, he/she will automatically be seeded in the last “Z” batch.

Why do I have two profiles on the website?
This is mainly due to incorrect ID’s. As only one unique ID can be linked to a SAS board, the system will create two different profiles when there are two different ID’s used when entering.
Why doesn’t my results show on the website?
The results we receive from the timing company for each event. Please contact the applicable Timing Company. Once they send us updated results, we will upload it onto www.saseeding.com
When I look for my SAS number, it does not give me information …
Please use your ID number when doing a search. When you still cannot find info, please send your information to info@saseeding.co.za
I lost my board, can I get a new number?
You can buy a new SAS board with your existing SAS number for life on it during registration of the following MTB events: Advendurance (Nissan Trailseeker Series) / USN Cup Series. You can also add a board to your basket whilst entering for an Advendurance event.
Can I borrow someone else’s board for one event?
No. Your results will be linked to the board owner’s ID number and SAS number. Each person must have his/her own SAS board.
What must I do to start in an earlier batch?
In order to start in an earlier batch, you should have a lower index. Improve your index by:

7.1 Participating in “A” graded events (e.g Nissan Trailseeker Series – like you do)
7.2 Improving your results by decreasing your time after the winner, Positioning.
7.3 Competing in Longer distances ( The longer the distance, the more weighting it has in the RI calculation formula)
7.4 Racing regularly (The formula has a time depreciation, thus a race will count less after 3, 6 and 9 months)

Why isn’t the race I competed in not included on the SA Seeding website?
If the results do not appear on the website, we have not received it from the Race Organizers or Timing Company. You are welcome to send the organizers a mail and request that they send us the results to info@saseeding.co.za (Excel format containing the following participant information:

8.1 Name
8.2 Surname
8.3 Distance
8.4 Event Time
8.5 ID Number
8.6 Gender
8.7 Position

Why does it show DQ / No Data / DNF of the results?
DQ means Disqualified. You can be disqualified for various reasons, mainly if a participant started in an incorrect batch. Please contact the respective Timing Company for No Data or DNF results.
How do I know where I am ranked in South Africa?
You can look on www.saseeding.com
Why do I have seeding if I don’t yet own a SAS board?
You will appear on the www.saseeding.com website even though you do not own a SAS board, because some races are uploaded using ID numbers.
Why didn’t my Race Index change after an event?
This means your latest race was not part of your 3 lowest RI’s – and thus would not change your National RI.
How do I get a SA Seeding board or Number if I have never had one?
If you are not on the SA Seeding database, or you have a profile without a SA Seeding number or board, you can purchase one (number is on the board) from our offices in Pretoria or at registration of the following MTB events: Advendurance (Nissan Trailseeker Series) / USN Cup Series / Juma.