SAS Timing Board



After 10 years SASeeding is upgrading the SAS-Board. Riders can still use their existing SAS-Board for the remainder of 2019, but as of 1 January 2020, the new SAS Board will be compulsory.

Advantages of the new SAS Board:


1. Size: 63% smaller (145mm x 75mm vs 205mm x 145mm)
2. Wind Resistance: Due to the size, the board is significantly more aerodynamic
3. Chip: The new SAS-Board is fitted with the latest RFID Chip technology, resulting in an improved read rate
4. QR Code: A QR code on the board correlates with the SAS number, to be used as a backup scan on the finish
5. Handlebar Damage: Due to the reduced size and weight of the board handlebars will sustain much less damage
6. Permanent fixture: Due to the size riders can permanently keep the SAS-Board on their handlebars

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